Why I Love World Building.

You’ve read it by now, hopefully. Maybe even considered the words, thought about them, made your own ideas of what they meant to you. If that’s the  case; good!

It goes like this: “If the world deceives you, why not try an alternative?”

It’s a phrase I came up with a long time ago; one of those days where I really felt like it was the world against me, and me alone. I don’t quite remember the details of it, but it’s stuck with me ever since. I know it’s not a fancy quote, or one you even have to think about a lot of times to get. Yet, it is so very powerful to me. Because it reassures me of my place. When I feel down, beaten up by whatever real life issue I have going on, the knowledge that I can write the pain away is all that I need to keep on. It’s become my voice of reason. To know that there are other options, than just taking all the hurtful things the world will throw at you. There are many ways to repress the pain, make it less severe. For me, that ‘alternative’ is writing an entirely different world.

Enter: Afaresshil. My world.

I love creating this world of mine. It’s been my passion for just about twelve years, and it doesn’t seem like my passion is burning out just yet. I love it because it’s a pause button. For hours at a time, I am allowed to forget about troubles and pains of the reality, and just focus on my own utopia – or lack thereoff. I will talk a lot more about my world in later blogposts, but for now let us call it a dysfunctional utopia. Yeah, that’s the perfect phrase, because it doesn’t add up or make sense. Just like it shouldn’t. But world building is a platform to expand your creativity over a long range of time. You never really finish the product. It will be forever in it’s building phase, and that is okay. It shouldn’t reach a point where you feel like it is complete.

Anyhow, I am rambling at an ungodly hour. I’ll disappear for now.
Keep dreaming!


Introducing myself, my page and what I want to do.


So, first thing you might ask is: Funny name, Social Zephyr… why choose such a name?
I guess it comes down to my understanding of the word. A zephyr is a calm wind. Perhaps the wind blowing lightly, just before the storm – but usually, that isn’t even the case. It’s just a wind passing at its own light pace. Then combined with the social aspect, it reminds me of a person, dipping his toe in the water – just testing, to see if it is too cold to get into. With me, this blog works the same way. It is an experiment to ‘test the water’. See if I can do something with it, see if my words make sense. Perhaps even get people to understand my struggles, relate to them. It’s a funny thing, a blog. It helps you when you want to have a space to explain yourself, while not really daring to go into a full-on discussion about it. You can just rant, and people might leave a comment to give their opinion on the chosen subject.

Another thing that lead me to the decision of creating a blog is as follows: I am a student of the South Gate Society’s Degree Program in Creative Writing. And with that, came the encouragement to write stuff that you aren’t necessarily happy about, all for the sake of getting better at just that. The written word is amazing! And I really hope this will be a platform to prove to you guys, the readers, why I am so passionate about it.

So now comes the next question: What will you do with this? I have a few things in mind, actually:
First of: Ramblings about my world. Introductions of characters, their stories, how they fit in with the tales I write about. Also just a glimpse into the world-building in general.
Secondly: Ramblings about OUR world – the real one, and how I fit into that one. My struggles with social interactions, what I find peculiar or even just a funny moment.
Thirdly: I’ll post some of the pages of text I’ve created while studying Creative Writing.
And lasltly, I suspect you might have questions for me as well, that will probably inspire me to write some blogposts about those. So there’s plenty of ideas and room for expression and improvement!